How it Works


"We started MENSPOKE because we wanted to order clothes online that just fit. So we invented new technology to measure you more accurately than a professional tailor. Now we can deliver you perfect fitting clothes from the comfort of your own home at non-custom prices."

Menspoke & Tailor has got a glorious history that was founded by Mr.Menspoke under the name “Menspoke ”. Ecersince the inception, it has been running successfully for more than forty years. Mr.Menspoke started his tailoring store with just one sewing machine in a small shop in Cumbum, Theni District of Tamil Nadu. Over the years, his work was lauded for superior craftmanship that reflects perfection and quality in every masterpiece he delivered. In 4 decades, “Menspoke ” has gained great popularity and now runs with no less than 80 sewing machines.

We pride ourselves on being the best tailors in Tamil Nadu committed to delivering every piece true to its best in detailing, fit, and price. Our tailors have gained expertise in producing the best quality garments true to their fit, size, and oozing elegance that meet every customer’s dreams, desires, and fashion statement.

We strongly believe and work with a mission that every garment from ‘MENSPOKE’ is tailored to perfection and makes personalized clothing a whole new experience for our customers. We always work to make you look amazing, every single time. We source out the best fabrics with the finest quality, indigenously and from abroad to meet the demands of our customers. You can also shop online for readymade shirts that come with the brand “MENSPOKE”available in S,M,L, XL sizes. On our exclusive online shopping store, we have a wide range of collections for custom shirts from Top brands like Raymond, Luthai, Soktas, Arvind, Venardi, Reid& Taylor, Linen Club, and more.

Our Custom Made shirts are one of a kind and we guarantee that you won’t regret shopping with us!

Why Choose MENSPOKE For Your Custom Made Clothing?

 True to Fit

Made from the finest fabrics and cut to your exact measurements to lend beautiful, attractive, and fashionable garments you will always love to wear every single day.


You can select from the fantastic fabrics in our store as per your style, budget, and wardrobe needs, and most importantly your desire. We never compromise on the quality we promise to deliver to our customers when it comes to craftsmanship or a selection of fabrics. We want our customers to feel the finesse and quality of the product delivered to them from MENSPOKE.


New Designs


Workmanship is one of the most important aspects that we pride ourselves on. To make your clothing experience, feel good, we put in a lot of effort that comes with the quality, the cut, and the fit. We believe that we can build our Customer strength by perfectly making clothing from start to finish. To achieve that we go above and beyond. As an exclusive Men’s Tailoring store, we have gained expertise in stitching custom-made outfits such as formal and casual shirts and we are also in pace with the New-age trend of Father and Son outfit styling. Fall in Love with personalized new designs and look attractive every single day with our custom-made outfits. 




As one of a kind online custom shirt brand in India, MENSPOKE is committed to world-class products and readymade shirts that come from Tamil Nadu, India. Our custom-made shirts are intricately designed with an obsession with detailing that lasts longer. Our customers get in touch with us online, give measurements through the quick fit tool and get the clothes they love to wear. We sell our Custom-made shirts and readymade shirts on our brand by name “MENSPOKE”.


You can order line and get the product within 7 to 10 business days. Under Readymade shirts category, pieces are available in S, M, L, XL sizes. To order custom made shirts, you can use our 3D Body scanning Measurement which is just a tap away. You can just feed in yourself measurements and place the order. For default sizes like S, M, L, XL also we have an option for custom-made shirts that our customers can place order with us.


 Customer Support


We don’t work with a business motive to fast-paced business goal but focus on our own customers' satisfaction and happiness. After all, we believe that a happy customer is a great weapon to any business. We provide our customers with sizing guidance, styling advice, free alterations for life, and this way we build an everlasting customer relationship in the years to come. For custom Tailoring orders


we won't accept return but we can make a free alteration. If you send us we will make proper alteration as per your requirement and we will send it back to you. For customers shopping online for readymade shirts, we will accept 1 week easy return for ready-mades. Our courier service will pick up within 2 working days. We have a 24/7 customer support dedicated to communicate with our clients and help them resolve any kind of issues or questions. You can also drop us a mail at  for future queries or orders. We love to assist you at the earliest possible.